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    Youtube Made Me.

    Youtube Made Me.

    Where do I begin? I guess you can say youtube! 

    Hey ladies! My name is Ashley, I'm new to blogging and not very organized, so I hope my effort is shinning through here!

     It all started on youtube I would make my little makeup tutorials hoping at lease 100 people would watch and like it, not knowing that very same makeup tutorial would have over 90K views! .. To vendors writing me constantly to review their hair, even till this day my emails are full!

    I have done plenty of reviews over the past year, so I had time to collect some notes and understand some rules in the hair industry. Im pretty knowledgable if you ask me! I know what I like as a customer and now as a seller. 

    To review the different companies on my channel I always made wigs, because who was going to be sitting down getting a sew-in every two weeks?! Not me! 

    I made over 20 wigs for my self in the past year alone! not to mention that I have been making them since High School because Ive always been a "do it yourself" kind of girl! So there goes my experience in constructing wigs! All my experience have been through trial and error. Which may I add is the best way to learn!