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    I didn't go to school for this!

    I didn't go to school for this!

    Help Me To Help you.

    Don't you hate it when you go on a website, its either too complicated or not informative at all? Me too! Heres the thing sometimes we just don't got it! Simple we just don't have the funds to hire the team to ensure we provide the information our customers need. 

    Doing things by your self is hard! you have that skill that you are trying to market and get out there but your not a marketer! You didn't go to school on how to build a website! How to create interesting paragraphs so people would read the whole thing! Or how to make sure you don't get a credit card fraud at the end of a purchase when you spent your time doing a service! This is not a rant, well it didn't start of as one Haha!

    So s/o to those who ask for help. S/O to me because I can use your help. Give me suggestions on what would make your shopping experience better. Constructive criticism must be constructive!

    I have a comment section below, go ahead girl what you say matters!